IMPRESS is the first truly independent press regulator in the UK.

We are blazing a trail for a fairer, better kind of press regulation. 

We will award a trusted journalism mark to news publishers who meet our standards. We will give these publishers the freedom to report hard-hitting stories and the responsibility to behave fairly if complaints are made against them. We will have the power to decide on complaints which publishers cannot resolve.

Recognised by Royal Charter

IMPRESS is the only press regulator to be recognised as independent and effective under the Royal Charter. We provide an arbitration scheme which is free to the public and protects publishers against the risk of court costs and exemplary damages.

Independent and Fair 

No other press regulator is so independent of Government and the press industry. We do not allow politicians on our Board and we are not dependent on any publisher. We are the only press regulator to meet Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations


Publishing is a fast-moving industry. By continually reviewing our standards code and our services in light of changes in society and news technology, we are able to increase the positive impact of our work for the press and the public.